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Rw's Photography Basics w Spencer C

When I got my first DSLR, I was a complete beginner in photography and had no idea what I was doing! I made a ton of mistakes. It was at least a few years before I got the hang of things, and even then, it wasn't exactly smooth sailing. That's why I made this video. Here, I've introduced the biggest tips and tricks that I wish I knew when I was starting out in photography.

I know they would have made my life a lot easier if I'd learned them sooner! There's obviously no substitute for practice, but I think these tips will go a long way toward minimizing the floundering and confusion that most beginners experience in photography. By the way, this was such a fun video to film during an amazing road trip to Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Glacier National Parks with my friend Mikaal.

We saw a ton of amazing wildlife along the way, and we (well, mostly I) made a very unwise decision to camp in sub-freezing temperatures near the start of the trip. As the last tip in this article alludes to, those are the things we remember the most, even more than the photos... If you have any questions or thoughts about this video, let me know below! As always, thanks for watching. ~Spencer https://www.instagram.com/spencercoxp...

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